It is one of the most profitable retail business in today’s environment. It does not require any specific skill and the investment also is moderate.  You can initiate it in any residential area. This business requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You can open an online website too, and sell groceries online. This could turn into one of the best online retail business ideas if your service is well accepted.
No need to mention that mobiles and smart phones have become a big craze amongst the youth and a necessity for all.  So, opening a mobile store is an excellent retail business idea. The investment required in this business is moderate. The success of this business depends upon the quality and brand you keep at the store. At the initial stage, you should refrain invested much in the business as it is a very dynamic field.  This is one of the top retail business ideas now as the majority of people are purchasing mobiles and replacing them within a short span of time. This is one of the best shop business ideas in India.
Cosmetic products and beauty items are always in high demand amongst ladies.  You can deal with branded as well as non-branded products. The profit margin in a few products is quite high in it. To flourish in this business in the long run, you should keep high quality products.
Gifts are always in great demand, whether it is an anniversary or birthday or any other occasion. Instead of buying regular gifts, people prefer to customize them and give it a personal touch. So, you can come up with a customized gift shop which is a best new retail business ideas emerging now.
There is an ongoing demand for stationery items and books.  So, opening a stationery shop can be a good retail business option. This is one of the best retail business ideas in India.
Today, people are spending more on food and clothing. You can open a garment store, especially targeting women and  kids could turn this into a successful business. Garments store is one of the profitable retail business ideas for small towns also.
People love food these days. If you can offer delicious sweets and special snacks, this business might turn your success. This could be one of the good business ideas for a small village too.
Today computer is demanded in every sector and for all forms whether big or small. So opening an IT hardware store is a very good business idea. You can sell items like desktops, laptops, mouse, speakers, hard disks, etc. The success of this business depends upon the demographic situation and demand.

If you have good knowledge about tourist destinations all around the world and good planning skills, you can open a tour and travel agency. In this business, you need to take care of the tickets along with their stay arrangements and sight-seeing.


Gone are the days where people prefer gold ornaments for daily usage. You might be aware of one gram gold, which has become famous, especially in South India. Bringing such fashion jewelry which could be simple, but low to moderate cost can attract customers.

Many people spend a lot of time in thinking about what business he/she could initiate. This article provides some brilliant ideas for retail business. So, tie your shoes and get ready for the new venture. Remember, there is no short cut to hard work.