Happy Birthday  Bea Miller 7 feb 2021

Happy Birthday Bea Miller 7 feb 2021

Bea Miller

Birthday: February 71999

Nationality: American

Age: 21 Years21 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Also Known As: Beatrice Annika

Born In: Maplewood, New Jersey

Famous As: Singer-Songwriter, Actress


Mother: Kim Miller And Hilery Kipnis

Siblings: Esther And Georgia

U.S. State: New Jersey

Beatrice Annika “Bea” Miller is an American singer, songwriter and actress who got recognition at the age of 13 after competing on the reality TV music competition ‘The X Factor’. After finishing at the 9th place in the show, she signed a recording deal with Hollywood Records and Syco Music. In 2014, she won the hearts of her fans with her debut single, “Young Blood”, which gained No. 64 spot on “Billboard 200”.

Bea Miller

Her debut EP of the same name hit No.2 on the iTunes pop albums chart, while her first full-length album ‘Not an Apology’ (2015) gained No.7 spot on Billboard. Bea Miller has went on tours with a number of famous personalities from the music industry; Demi Lovato in 2014, Fifth Harmony in 2015, and Selena Gomez and DNCE in 2016.

While her achievements as a singer may overshadow her performances as an actress, she acted in off-Broadway shows before appearing on The X Factor. She also appeared on TV shows, movies, and did voice acting with Tom Hanks in the animated film Toy Story 3.

What Makes Bea Miller So SpecialBea Miller’s debut album ‘Not an Apology’ is probably one of the most appropriate album names in recent times. Bea, who often co-writes her songs, talks about issues like bullying, loneliness and separation in a very unapologetic tone. While growing up, she often felt that there was no female icon who fearlessly sung about common issues that teens like her faced every day.

As a result, after gaining popularity as a singer, she decided to tackle harsh truths in her songs to uplift the spirits of people going through a difficult time. Her songs are often a balanced mix of darkness and light. According to her, instead of being ‘super-positive’, she wants to tell her fans that there will be dark times, but good things will also happen. Among her own songs, her favorite is the not-so-typical love song ‘Force of Nature’, closely followed by ‘Paper Doll’, a song that deals with the experience of being bullied.

Bea Miller

Beyond Fame

Despite the fact that Bea Miller talks about the problems people face and tries to bring out positivity through her music, there was a time when she herself was quite pessimistic about her own life. However, she eventually realized that instead of shifting from bad to good, life incorporates both good and bad. She then decided to bring into her music this realization that life is a balance of ups and downs. She thinks that by conveying this message, she can make a huge number of teenagers feel that they are not alone, something she has always wanted as a teen during hard times.

In September, 2015, Bea Miller left her mother Hilery Kipnis to live with her other mother and sisters, following which Hilery changed her Twitter name to ‘childless mother’. This pulled Bea into a controversy regarding her relationship with her mother, to which she replied on Twitter claiming that Hilery used to emotionally abuse her for a long time.

Behind The Curtains

Bea Miller, a native of Maplewood, New Jersey, is the child of two mothers, Kim Miller and Hilery Kipnis. Her parents were a same-sex couple who were together for nearly two decades before separating in 2012. She has two adopted Vietnamese sisters, twins Esther and Georgia. Having family members that are part of the LGBT community, she is very passionate about LGBT issues. She thinks that growing up in a house with all female members has made her ‘less catty’, unlike many girls of her age. She was in a relationship with singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides for about a year before breaking up in 2016.


When she was young, Bea Miller was interested in becoming a movie writer and director, and also wanted to design the outfits for her movies.

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